About Us

About Mosaic Minds Counseling

Mosaic Minds Counseling was started in 2019 with the hopes of reaching people where they are, in the ways that they need. By collaborating with each unique client, we will help each client reach the insights that they need for growth.

Mosaic Minds is based on the idea that we all have aspects of our personality that have been influenced by our past difficulties, which come together in a way that makes each of us uniqely equipped to handle our biggest challenges. Like a mosaic that fills it's surroundings perfectly, many broken pieces come together to make something beautiful.

Collaborate with a counselor in a new way

If you have been to many therapists in your life and not felt progress, we will strive to make the difference in the therapeutic relationship. We will build the foundation of our relationship by collaborating, neither the client nor the therapist will dominate our interactions.

Jessica Sproat

Primary Therapist

Jessica is a proud Gator, graduating from the University of Florida with her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. She has spent many years adapting her preferred counseling theories, while gaining intensive experience with a wide variety of clients. She was a primary therapist at a substance abuse rehab, worked for an inpatient center for adolescent girls, held the position of primary clinician for crisis-level adolescents and family, and she has helped clients with a wide range of diagnoses from eating disorders to anxiety and depression.

Jessica is extremely compassionate and accepting, she understands that what may be best for one person, is not best for everyone. She helps clients to find coping strategies that make sense to them. Jessica will be alongside you as you step into a more managable and stress-free period of life.